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molly fast

melissa! i'm loving these updates. i know this isn't funny, necessarily, but you certainly seem to be making the best of it!


Remember that Sex & the City where Samantha gave the baby her "massager" and the vibrations calmed him? Seriously though, my little brother was severely colic-y and it seems that motion and vibrations calm them (hence Piper's calm and then screaming a red lights).

more importantly, LOVE her outfit...


OK, i don't want to be that annoying person that suggests something you've already tried. (and, as a side note, I love Nicole's suggestion, above). you said you tried swaddling, but was it with regular blankets, or with a special blanket. i used the miracle blanket with my second, and it really worked.

i also used plain old mylecon (sp?) drops with both of mine. they were bottle fed and had terrible spells around week 6. you've prob tried both, and are rolling your eyes and laughing at me for even mentioning, but i thought i'd suggest them anyway. good luck. and write more!

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